Overflow With Water Heiress

Water Heiress Jilly Torrez serves high level entrepreneurs in filling up their cups through regenerative prosperity.

Clearing the debt, and stepping into the credit of our inheritance. Discover your birthright, your inheritance, as we build generational wealth in the sacred mission of entrepreneurship.


This opportunity is to work with Jilly 1-on-1 through a vehicle to generate wealth.


A private mentorship container with group, and 1-on-1 0fferings. There is an application process.


Therapeutic levels of hydrogen water for your home, studio, and business


Online courses, and Jilly's well renowned Merchant Mermaid seminar. Jilly's various virtual courses.

About Jilly

Jilly Torrez, who is known as Waterheiress, is a California native. Through her own reclamation journey she has been able to reconnect to the roots of her indigenous heritage. This has allowed her the process to see that Entrepreneurship becomes more than just an opportunity to make money. It becomes a sacred mission that allows you to do something meaningful. It becomes the path to unlocking your inheritance

  • When her personal and professional paths merged, the seeds of her purpose and mission took root. As the Inheritor of

    Wake Water Co and the Merchant Mermaid, she has the honor of having cultivated the growth and success of these communities from the beginning.

  • Her core values of unwavering integrity, boundless compassion, and a profound reverence for the sacred serve as the bedrock upon which her expansive global community has flourished today.

  • Throughout her expansion she has made it part of her mission to build bonds. She has helped over 45 individuals across the world create 6 figure businesses.

What people say about us.

Here are comments from our beloved clients

I came across Jilly, the water priestess, on Instagram. - Yeah. right away I just felt connected. I've always been into water, I've always loved water and they really brought to my my realization how much I was spending on bottled water every week. And so that and also the health benefits and the harmful effects of drinking bottled water over a long period of time. So after that I just knew right away and the fact that everyone has that similar mindset and all about spreading hydration,

Patrice Waite - Happy client

Hi, my name is Whitney Marie and working with Jilly has been an absolute blessing in my life She just brings something to the table that's different than what I'm used to typically seen and typically working with and She is really helping me unlock that next level of my business my identity and to fully blast off And I'm so grateful to have her a part of my life and to be working with her in this business and having her as my mentor.

Whitney Marie - Happy client

Participating in the Merchant Mermaid with Jilly has absolutely transformed my business. There are practices that we do during the Merchant Mermaid that I think about every single day and our guides to how I continue to show up in my business, how I continue to support others in the way that I continue to grow. She makes it so real, so connected, and so deep in your purpose with what you're doing and knowing exactly where you're going that you have have no other choice than to show up and to do it in integrity and to do it in an authentic way.

Kira Rodriguez - Happy client